Wye Fire Service to the Rescue

Rob Dudley 1 Rob Dudely 2

Banks Holiday Mondays can go one of two ways. This Bank Holiday definitely went the dull cold and windy way! 

How wonderful  that the day was rescued for young Barney pictured.

Robert Dudley Barney’s Grand Father writes:

Many many thanks to the brilliant fireman who showed our wide-eyed five year old grandson round the station and the engine on Bank Holiday Monday.  Barney  couldn’t believe his luck and as you can see was a bit overawed by the occasion. But it cheered up a cold windy morning and was very much appreciated.

Rob and Liz Dudley.

The New Village Centre Gets A Lift In The Large Village Hall



David Reece Village Hall Project Manager

Friday night is the night when workers, light of heart and tired of muscles, would put aside the woes of weekly toil, rejoice at the prospect of a few leisure hours and make off with their mates to some local meeting place – generally the local pub. Those days may not have the rigid romanticism of a Kitchen-Sink novel but it is a wonder that the images can still be recalled by a jolly quiz evening in the Village Hall. There, as the evening light began to fade, people with many histories and associations with Wye began to congregate around tables set out by David Reece, Alan Patterson and others. Continue reading The New Village Centre Gets A Lift In The Large Village Hall

Our Place – Community Lunch

Dave Martin of Our Place has submitted the following article:

We are delighted to announce that starting Wednesday June 8th there will be a community lunch in the large Village Hall at 12.30.

This is an Our Place partnership between Joanna Thornhill School, The Village Hall and GSS caterers.
The school caterers GSS will provide a two course roast meal (with meat and vegetarian options).

The community lunch is a pilot for seven weeks, the remainder of the school year. We are limiting the numbers to 20 places during this pilot to see how these arrangements work.

The menu for Wednesday 8th June Continue reading Our Place – Community Lunch

Wolfson House goes wild

Orange Hawkweed

Popping up to Lepper’s Homes and Gardens for yet more gardening requirements (busy time of the year in the garden). We spotted a bright orange daisy growing between the edge of the now very overgrown grass and rag stone wall of Wolfson House. This little flower’s brilliance certainly draws one’s attention.

Wye is full of interesting people and the right person came along at the right time. Dr Geoffry Chapman on his way home to Scotton Street quickly drew on his wealth of knowledge having had a long career in plant science. It was he revealed a Hieracium Aurantiacum otherwise known as Orange Hawkweed.

Editor: Perhaps Telereal Trillium’s lawn mower could find it’s way round to this corner of our village?

Editor: We all enjoy the vivid colours of spring but a few warnings for gardeners about this beauty:

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