A Pong in the Air

Pongy Matters

A reader from Withersdane writes the following:

‘ Has anybody else noticed that since the last few days of glorious sunshine,  this part of Kent has been blessed  with a smell in the air that has made it virtually impossible to enjoy the’ fresh air ‘ for most of the day.  In the evening the smell intensifies so much so that a walk let alone a quiet drink in the garden is so unpleasant that it has to be abandoned?

 The smell of shit is one thing but this acrid pong that hovers at present over this sacred part of Kent , whether it is of pig , bovine or I suspect human excrement   is something that we all should revolt over. Who profits from this the sewage companies?  No doubt the crop grown thereafter will be certified as deliciously organically flavoured meanwhile us country dwellers are shut sweltering and hermitically sealed in our houses in order not to inhale the vile odours.’
Have Wyeweb readers any views?


Wye Fair Latest

Wye Jubilee Community Group are pleased to announce that some of these Children’s rides will be present at the Wye Fair on Sunday!

Children will just love the famous Santa Fe and Rio Grande Railway!


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