Sep 18 2014

Wye Farmers’ Market Calls Young Musicians

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Joseph and Katherine

Music much appreciated

The Farmers’ Market are looking for budding local musicians to play on market days. Live music really makes a great addition to the Farmers Market and it’s a good place for young musicians to gain experience playing to an audience.  If you are interested please contact Sarah Mattocks, Market Manager tel 07804652156 or email for more information.

Next market is this Saturday 20th September 9 am until noon.

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Sep 18 2014

Wye Ground Force paint the town red

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Wye Ground Force have struck again. This time the adopted telephone box has been painted shiny red and bright just like in the days when the GPO were proud of them. On this occasion the pride comes from our village volunteers! Thank you WGF.

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Sep 17 2014

Ride and Stride – welcome community co-operation

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Saturday saw an ideal day for cycling, running or walking – a few clouds and a bit of sun and a refreshing breeze. So when riders and striders set out from Wye Church in aid of Kent Churches  it was with good heart and rich expectations of many miles that were to be coupled to many kind promises. It would mean so much to help to replenish funds that maintain the fabric of those well-loved churches. From the comfort of our office chair we say “Well Done!” to all participants.

St Mary's, Brook

St Mary’s, Brook


St Mary's, Stowting

St Mary’s, Stowting

St. Paul's, Sandgate

St. Paul’s, Sandgate

St. Bartholomew's, Waltham

St. Bartholomew’s, Waltham

A Rider

A Rider

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Sep 17 2014

Will the Neighbourhood Plan Save Wye?

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The following has been taken from the Parish Council website

Tony Shoults reports on progress with the Wye with Hinxhill Neighbourhood Plan – September 2014 We had a meeting with ABC on 10 September 2014 to consider how we can take the NP on to a conclusion and what would be a reasonable timeline to aim for. We will make the informal submission on October 3 after the Parish Council meeting on October2. The aim of this is to give ABC a chance to review the document and make comments on it before we go out to formal Regulation 14 consultation. A lot of work is being done now to put everything in place including reviewing our Policies in line with ABC advice.  We have to prepare a Sustainability Assessment as quickly as possible, following the ABC template. ABC will have to complete various  screening processes with Statutory Bodies and we have to have our Evidence Base in place too.

We will hold a public meeting on October 21 to consider the draft Plan following an exhibition on October 18/19. Continue Reading »

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Sep 16 2014

Imperial College London has a rare ability

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Masterplan front cover 50-tick-400x282[1]


In today’s news it has been announced that four British Universities have made it into a global top ten. Imperial College London ranks joint second with Cambridge.

It is a great pity Imperial do not rank so high in  public relations with people and in listening to people as to what they want for the future of their village.

Has their ruthless non feeling approach for making money, contributed to their ‘rare ability to turn outstanding research into discoveries that have a real impact on the world, and to prepare people to go out into that world ready to lead’ we wonder?

Imperial certainly have a ‘rare ability’ to upset our life in Wye.

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