Apr 27 2015

A new tourist attraction for Wye

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The following article has been submitted by Rodney Schofield:
Dog Fouling Cartoon
Returning this afternoon along the footpath that ends alongside the Surgery, I counted 44 separate piles of dog excrement. This could be a feature marked on the OS map, with appropriate signposts directing visitors to it. Some thought does, however, need to be given to its name e.g. ‘Kent Canine Crap Centre (proudly hosted by the historic village of Wye)’. Or should we first encourage more local dog owners to make it an even more impressive sight (site)?

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Apr 24 2015

Noel Continues to Support the Fifty Campaign

Noel Ovenden Flier Election 2015 ANoel Ovenden Flier Election B 2015

Editor: As we have said previously we are happy to post other candidate’s manifestos.

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Apr 21 2015

Catha’s Seat 2015

Dear Catha’s Seat Supporters,
After last year’s big launch we are looking to establish the picnic at Catha’s Seat as an annual event: A opportunity to ride, walk or even jog(!) congregating at Catha’s Seat to share in the beginning of summer and demonstrate that it’s a jolly fine place to go for a picnic!
The plan this year is to get together at Catha’s Seat between 1-3pm on Saturday 2nd May, everyone bringing their own picnics. There will be general frivolity and a couple of roving musical troubadours might even make an appearance!
I will be leading a ride* as follows…
Leaving Ashford Station10.15am
Arriving Wye Green (Farmer’s Market): 11:30am
Leaving Wye Green (Farmer’s Market): 12:00pm
Arriving Catha’s Seat: 1.00pm
If anyone else would be happy to lead a walk or bike ride please do let me know by 5pm on Wednesday when I will be compiling the final event poster. Last year the following worked very well:
Walk from Wye Green (Farmer’s Market) leaving at 10.30am
Walk from Chilham Train Station leaving at 12pm
Ride from Canterbury leaving at 12pm
I look forward to hearing from you / seeing you on the day
All the best
*participation at own risk
Nick Keegan
+44 (0) 7708 523 994

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Apr 19 2015

What about some outright support for Wye against IC?

It would appear that the great housing development debate is hitting the shires. We, in Wye, have been quietly set up for a good dusting. Developers move in, mess up and then run away with ‘loads of money’ stuffed in their trousers. The south east seems the most likely place for big exploitation – hasn’t Boris Johnson suggested that an overspill development of 40,000 houses would go between Deal and Dover? So what about Wye? Left to their own devices the local government tiers would also, on past experience, make a grab for any goodies and let the rest of us glaze over in disbelief.

What about some support from the rainbow collection expecting to get our votes next month?

Concerns over Great Haddon development plans – BBC News.

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Apr 19 2015

Wye Flower Power

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Cellandines Wild Garlic wild strawberry

Bluebell 1 Apple Blossom Aberitum Wye Violets

Primrose Wood 2 Cowslip Apple Blossom 2

Today’s sunshine brought out an abundance of wild flowers.

Here we bring you a small selection of what revealed itself in the hedgerows and woodlands of Wye.

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