Aug 04 2015

Report on meeting with Telereal Trillium

Published on the the Wye with Hinxhill Parish Council website.

Tony Shoults reports on the meeting with Telereal Trillium (TT)

The first meeting between councillors and the new owners of WYE3 took place on July 29th. Tony and Noel Ovenden attended for the council and discussed a range of issues with Damien Maloney of TT, David Jarman from Hobb’s Parker and Simon Cole and Richard Alderton, the planners from Ashford Borough Council. Trillium have appointed BDB Architects (responsible for the Stonegates scheme) and Lloyd Bore as landscape designers to advise on and protect their interests in the rest of the WYE3 site. They have started discussions with agents for the Free School that is now been offered the Kempe Centre and Hop Garden field as its permanent location. (03/08/2015)

 The full report highlights the importance of the preparation of a new masterplan for WYE3 as stated in the Neighbourhood Plan. To read this report: Continue Reading »

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Aug 02 2015

Wye Crown gets a Facelift

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Think of Wye and one thinks of the Crown. Think of an image to represent a Wye Group. Many clubs and associations in the village work the Crown into their logos. This is because the chalk Crown carved into the downs and visible from the main road , is Wye!

From time to time the Crown dulls down and people get concerned that it is fading away as has been the case recently. Just at this point the tenant farmers of the Crown site put the sparkle back into this our important landmark. We are sure that everyone will want to join us in thanking Mike and Wendy Barns for the huge job and cost of brightening up the Crown in the last few days.

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Aug 01 2015

Serenity at Wye Village Hall

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£25 includes a delicious Indian lunch
A day with Korko Moses SJ, a respected and experienced teacher, who has his own ashram in South India. He teaches in Ireland and Suffolk each year.
Come and enjoy a day of insight, deep relaxation and learning Please bring a mat or blanket.
For more information and booking please contact me Jill Hemmings
01233812358 07864863944

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Jul 30 2015

Wye has just entered the last chance saloon

First published 25th July 2015

Something extraordinary happened this week: a company no one had ever heard of, with a name that’s pretty much unpronounceable, bought the heart of a village. “Your” village probably. Wye3 — which means pretty much all the buildings of the former college and some land amounting to 18 hectares in all — has been sold off by Imperial College in a sudden garage sale like a piece of old, unwanted and faintly embarrassing furniture.

Given my small part in the past history of fighting Imperial’s asset-stripping ambitions for Wye, lots of people keep asking me: but what does this mean? A confession: I haven’t a clue. Only time will tell, aided and abetted to a large extent by how judiciously the village and its representative organizations, the parish council and the borough in particular, respond to this particular threat-cum-opportunity.

But let me try and throw out a few thoughts.

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Jul 28 2015

Wye College Staff

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Main entrance to Wye College

As the news of the sale of Wye College (Wye3) sinks in, lets spare a thought for the remaining staff who will be made redundant by Imperial College London. Four members of staff went before Christmas and now those remaining have until  October in the employment of ICL. These are our friends, neighbours and colleagues who have been helpful and supportive within our community.

We thank them and wish them well for the future.

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