May 22 2015

Beauty in Dilapidation

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Delapidation Delapidation 2 Delapidation 3

2a 1a 3a

Some artists and photographers see beauty in dilapidation. Perhaps Imperial College London are trying to turn Wye College into an art form.  The only sort of beauty in this dilapidation is this swan which came to rest near the Carr lecture theatre.

(Left hand bottom picture: note the plant life inside the entrance not far from the labs where the rats appear !)

Thanks to John Mansfield for the photographs of the swan.


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May 21 2015

Rainbow Wye

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Rainbow Cherry Garden Lane

Yesterday evening the clouds darkened and rain fell heavily. This was followed by an amazing double rainbow. Up in the fields it could be seen arching over the Crown. Back down in the village residents from the New Flying Horse to Cherry Garden Lane seemed to have it all to themselves. More Wye magic!

On the matter of sky phenomena perhaps some readers saw in February this example of a coloured halo around the moon. The colours are not as saturated as those of the rainbow because that are caused by the dispersion of the moon’s light by small ice crystals in the stratosphere. The refraction cone is then projected into the eye which sees the right cross-section of the cone i.e. a circle.

Moon Halo Feb 2015 22:55 Wye, Kent

Moon Halo Feb 2015 22:55 Wye, Kent

We have adjusted the colours in the following image to show both the colours and the Alexander Dark band:

Moon Halo 3

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May 19 2015

Public Meeting Next Tuesday

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Editor: Please note the original start time was 7.30pm. It has in fact now been altered to 7pm.

Meeting about the final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan  now re-scheduled for Tuesday May 26th in the Parish Church start
The aim of this meeting is to inform parishioners about changes made to the plan following the publication of the consultation documents. We have analysed all the response forms from the parish and dealt carefully with comments from ABC, KCC, Natural England and many other consultees, including ICL. No major alterations have been made but some policies have been combined.  The response received from ABC, the local planning authority, whilst criticising certain points in the plan, indicates that the scale of mixed development proposed for WYE3 in the WNP meets the basic conditions tests (i.e. is consistent with the strategic policies of the adopted Development Plan and the NPPF). Meeting basic conditions is an absolute requirement for the plan to pass examination.

Submitted by John Mansfield.

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May 18 2015

Wye Charity Book Fair this coming Saturday

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(By kind permission of Carol Jovanovic, Wye Campus Manager)


From 09.00 to Noon on Saturday, 6 June.

(Farmers’ Market Day)

Wye’s next Charity Book Fair will be supporting the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Few reading this notice will not have heard of the catastrophic earthquake and avalanche that struck Nepal on 25 April. We were all horrified to hear of a second earthquake on 12 May.

We are therefore supporting the Gurkha Welfare Trust through our Spring Charity Book Fair. We do so because this is a long-standing welfare organisation with an excellent track record of delivering help where it is most needed on the ground, especially in the remote mountain villages.

Please make your donations as generous as you can. A wide range of books are on offer, including children’s and are excellent value – so buy lots of them knowing your money is going to a real and very urgent cause!

If you are not able to attend on 6 June, the please do consider making a donation of funds. You can make your cheques payable to “The Gurkha Welfare Trust” and either pop them through the door of 154 Bridge St. or arrange to have them delivered to the Book Fair. Alternatively, call the organiser, Ian Cooling, on 812416 and he will collect from you.

Do come along on 6 June and treat yourself and your family to some bargain books while helping ease the desperate tragedy in Nepal

Thank you!

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May 18 2015

Magical Wye

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Magic Wood Elf King's Ladder Magical wish wands

Elf King's Throne Marriage Farm Magical View

This evening in the sunshine, we went for a walk in the Wibberley Way Woods.

We saw the Elf King’s ladder which we think he must climb to view the stars.

There were Wish Wands which we blew and made our wishes.

We saw the Elf King sitting on his throne. (Well we think we did, in fact we are sure we did.)

We walked up the lane to the back of the Crown through a tunnel of trees.

When we came out onto the top of the Downs the view like everything else we had seen, was magical!


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