Jul 23 2014

Its’ back to the Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse Cartoon

The recent Free School traffic chaos reminds us of David Hewson’s words here on wyeweb March 2013.

‘The Free School may have been born of lofty ideals and good intentions but do Imperial Kensington now see it as a Trojan horse?’

David also stated… ‘No one talks much about traffic flows in the future (it’s one of the most galling omissions of the free school organisation). But these are serious issues that can’t be handled by a simple ‘fix the crossing’ solution. Unless Imperial plan to come up with a surprise toll tunnel option, more roads would be on the way.’

Back to lofty ideals and good intentions……. an email written by a Parish Councillor 27 March 2013 gained under an FOI (which Parish Councillor is immaterial) to Richard Alderton Head of ABC’s Planning and Development lists a summary of points from a meeting with John Anderson (Chief Executive Imperial College Fund). In his covering email our Parish Councillor states that his meeting was ‘A reality check with someone managing a property portfolio ….. and that he would not say that Steve Howe and co have been putting up smoke screens but the houses in exchange for community activities including the Free School should really have been spelt out at the start!’ Continue Reading »

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Jul 22 2014

Parking – Total lack of thought from Free School

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The following has been reported to Wyeweb by various people…….

Occupation Road was blocked this evening by two coaches parked adjacent to each other  whilst children were unloaded.

A Mother in one of the invisible cars that do not exist, parked on the right hand side on the double yellow lines waiting to pick up her child.

Meanwhile people leaving BCP were blocked from leaving Occupation Road and people trying to get to their homes were prevented from doing so. Access to the allotments was also blocked. This does not take into account emergency access.

Our Parish Council were part and parcel to supporting the coming of the Free School and will soon be ringing their hands at the parking problems to come as it expands. Continue Reading »

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Jul 22 2014

More Fly Tipping in Wye Woodland

WitchHazelLeaves[1] (2) Laburnum   materials[2] 

Witch Hazel                  Laburnum           DBM Builders Merchant’s Bag

Garden rubbish was discovered today in some of our lovely Wye woodland. This has been dumped very recently. Four large builders bags containing cuttings from both Witch Hazel and Laburnum trees, Ivy and other general garden rubbish . Two of the bags carry the DBM logo (Direct Builder’s merchants.)

Have you had your garden cleared recently by a ‘gardener’? Do you recognise this foliage as from your garden? Does your gardener use these DBM bags? Perhaps your neighbour has had their garden cleared and you recognise the foliage together with their ‘gardener’ and the bags he uses?

Have any witnesses seen anyone dumping this in Wye woodland? Can you describe the person or the vehicle?

If you have any information, please contact our Community Warden Richard Sinden who would be very interested to hear :  07969583920

Only by working to get these people heavily find for fly tipping can we prevent our woodland from being used as a tip.




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Jul 21 2014

Duck Race Winners Announced

DR 1 DR2 DR3


As Wye awoke this morning naturally the first thing on everyone’s mind was who won the Duck Race?

Below we publish all the results to put you out of your agony!

The afternoon started with a heavy down pour of rain at around 2pm. The organisers who had arrived early to set up could only sit in their cars and watch the view through the rain. We share this with you in the first photograph. Once the rain had stopped, bunting was soon up everything in place ready for the off. What had been an empty venue quickly filled up . It was great to see some of the children joining in the pirate fun by wearing their pirate hats!

Off went the ducks and the river bank was lined with families watching them as they progressed down to the finishing point. Continue Reading »

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Jul 18 2014

Yard Sale & Duck Race this Sunday

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Jasper Bouverie has asked wyeweb to help promote his Yard Sale due to take place this coming Sunday 20th July 10 am – 2pm
Normally such events are posted on our events page but at wyeweb we remain as ever, helpful.
For more details:
Jasper is also making a film  of Wye in WWI with anyone between the ages of 13 – 17.

If you would like to get involved contact Jasper and register by email jasper@funderfilms.com or phone 812866. Space will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

For more details:

Meanwhile also on Sunday 20th July  is the Duck Race down at the Stour. Come and join us and our 500 ducks down at the Tickled Trout!
Ducks may be purchased at either Ticketyboo or the Tickled Trout or if you are lucky at the event. Yellow Ducks £1 or double your stakes with a super pink duck at £2. First race starts at 4pm. These are fast little movers so come in good time!
All funds raised at this event will our local Pilgrim’s Hospice .  

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