Dec 19 2014

Good luck Christine

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Christine Woodman (2)

Christine Woodman seen here in the foreground in one of her many community roles

at Wye Duck Race this year helping raise money for the Hospice.

Christine Woodman Head of Security at Imperial College Wye learnt of her redundancy last month and leaves the College today, six days before Christmas. Her duties will be taken up by Carol Javanovic  who is in charge of the Wye campus.

For those of you who do not know Christine, she is the one who is always followed by her faithful border collie Molly!

Christine has worked at the College for some years and remembers the good times. She was involved in the Wye bonfire when the students ran it and passed a great deal of experience onto the Wye Bonfire Society. She has been the Co Coordinator for Neighbourhood  Watch carrying out her duties efficiently. Christine is an active member of the Wye Jubilee Community Group (WJCG), helping with the annual Duck Race, The Summer Fair and the Christmas Street Party.

Although she will continue to live in Wye, and has said she will carry on with her role in WJCG,  we take this opportunity to thank Christine for all that she has done for our village and to wish her well in the future. As one door closes we hope an even bigger and better one opens!

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Dec 16 2014

Wye Bakery under new ownership

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  As we say goodbye to Mary Braithwaite and Nigel Ings (pictured above) who are retiring, we must also thank them.

Back in the 1980′s Wye lost it’s dear little bakery in Church Street and together with it the wonderful smell of homemade bread. Mary and Nigel with a deep sense of village life and a passion for baking committed themselves to giving Wye back it’s bakery. They invested a great deal of money, time and energy . Soon the shop was buzzing and another hub for meeting greeting, exchange of news and views was created not to mention wonderful fresh bread.

Of course like many of us who are not getting any younger, after five years running their bakery, Mary & Nigel decided it was time to retire. Their commitment did not end there. They searched and worked hard to find someone to take on the bakery so that Wye would not suffer the loss of losing this great asset again and all that goes with it.

How lucky we are that Pauline Hickson a former Wye Farmer’s Market Manager has now taken on Wye Bakery. Opening today 16/12/2014. Opening times Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8am – 3pm and Saturday 8am – 12.30pm. We wish Mary and Nigel a very happy retirement and welcome Pauline wishing her every success.

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Dec 16 2014

Village shaped part of who I am says former Wye College student

The following comment was sent to the Ticketyboo website. 

 Unfortunately it’s not ‘an end to the plan Imperial has had in mind for Wye since 2003. Two hundred houses is a restart to that which Wye was ‘Saved’ from temporarily.


Hello Peter,

I hope you may remember Karen and myself coming into your shop one morning in late September and chatting for a while. I was a former student at Wye in the late 70’s, and have very fond memories of that era.
You gave us a taster of what happened to the College and the village, then produced the book “Saved” from under your counter, which you were generous and trusting enough to give me, saying ‘just send it back’
Its on its way with thanks. The best and most shocking read I have had for some time, and again I thank you for the time to talk and the lend of your book.

Lets hope that is an end to the plan. I finished the book hopefully wiser and certainly more cynical, and I wish you, your wife and the residents of a village which in many ways shaped part of who I am, and which I came to love, all the very best for the future.

Best regards,

Paul Chuter

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Dec 09 2014

Impatient Imperial pushing on with 200 houses


Will the Neighbourhood Plan be too late to save our village?

History repeats itself.  Just as when Imperial College announced it’s plan to build 5000 houses across our countryside straight after the Wye Christmas Street Party in 2005. This Saturday the following went up on Ashford Borough Council’s Website. Again just after our Street Party. Timing is everything. Do they calculate that we will all now be preoccupied with Christmas?

Imagine 200 houses at the point of our village which is the gateway to an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Who wants to walk through a thundering housing estate to get to the countryside?

Perhaps this is just the start of ICL realising their total land assets  of the Wye Campus?

Time for Wye to go on the march again?

ICL have put in a request for a EIA screening assessment for the 200 dwellings in their masterplan.

 ABC will first deal with the screening request. This is only deciding if the proposals would require an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and nothing else. The screening opinion has now been registered and the Council has 21 days to give its opinion.

 If the Council comes to the view through the screening opinion that the proposals require an EIA then it will deal with the scoping request form the date of the issuing of the screening opinion.

 The scoping opinion is a voluntarily request from the developer asking for the Council’s opinion as to the content of the EIA i.e. what significant environmental impacts must be covered. The Council has 5 weeks to deal with this request unless an extension of time is agreed with the developer.

 The Council in dealing with the EIA screening and scoping procedures is  not looking at or making any decision on the planning merits of the development. This would be dealt with through a subsequent planning application if one is submitted.  


 No statutory consultation is required for the initial screening opinion but ABC be doing some limited  technical consultation and I will let the Parish Council know about this.

 The scoping opinion is subject to a statutory consultation requirement.


Case No
App Type
Parish & Ward Grid
Location and Description
Screening Opinion
4 Dec 2014 Wye with Hinxhill
Land and buildings of Wye College Site Wye 3, Olantigh Road, Wye, Kent
Proposed mixed use scheme comprising – up to 200 residential units employment uses, comprising a business hub, small business/artisans units and agri-businesses an allocation of space for Community uses public green space/woodlands/allotments and play areas internal roads, parking and service areas supporting infrastructure

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Dec 07 2014

Ding dong… bells rang…children sang

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It was a cold crisp dry night for the Wye Christmas Street Party. A well supported event  achieved it’s goal. Everyone had a good time apart from the lady who not realising, bought a home made dog biscuit and tucked into it! Perhaps a little more lighting in this area next time! No harm done all good healthy ingredients and  another one of those Wye stories for the future! Thanks to all those who took part and those who supported the event.  A marvellous response to our appeal for prizes as always. There are indeed some very generous and thoughtful people. Thank you for this.

Special thanks to the Children of Lady Joanna Thornhill Primary School, Jo Rall & Kevin Grout for the wonderful Carol singing. Mike Adams and Rosmarie for running the MC’s tent, making all the announcements and supplying the equipment and music at the same time raising £50 for the Christmas Light fund. We are indebted to the Farmers Market who supply the tents for the evening. Martin Mackey and his team from Ripple Farm give up their time to erect and take down the tents with a great deal of mirth and banter. They are indeed true Knights in shining armour. (Maybe not quite shiny as they are usually muddy coming straight from work on the farm!) Read on below including the Raffle results. The donation of a free holiday from VENUE HOLIDAYS was won by Mrs Ruth Bowles.

Helen Della Donuts

Wakelins Father Christmas 2 St Jonhn

Pat Mike Scouts Stall

Wye Gardeners WI Cups & Saucer Roundabout

Tombola Jeff Higgins Wooden Spoon BBQ

Sally Mulled Wine The end Wakelins Butchers and delicatessen ran a stall serving hot chocolate and marshmallows raising funds for the Christmas Lights after a days work in their shop, likewise Foxwood  Maclean ran a stall to support the cause. Wye Ground Force who take over the decorating of our village in the spring and summer beavered away once again on the BBQ. It has been decided to share some of the funds with them to brighten up our village with flowers and various plants. At the time of publication the Christmas light stalls will have made just over £2,000 for the lights and next Street Party. It was great to see all the clubs and societies taking part. A lot of hard work had gone into creating their stalls. The event also exists so that these groups can raise money for themselves. Three cheers for EVERYONE! For raffle results: Continue Reading »

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