Feb 26 2015

Maria Mac Donald Celebrates 100 Years this Weekend

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Editor: We would like to thank Maria’s daughter Caroline Mac Donald for this most interesting record of her Mother’s life together with  family photographs. Maria has been a great supporter of our village using it’s shops regularly over the years living both in Bilting and Wye. We take this opportunity to wish her a very Happy 100th Birthday!

Maria Macdonald 2  (2) a Maria Macdonald

 Maria Mac Donald , known universally as Mia, was born In Kaltern, a small village in the Province of Bozen in Italy on 1st March 1915. Her father Karl, was a lawyer whilst her mother Annunziata, was a countess. At the time she was born Kaltern, in fact the whole area known now as Alto Adige, was part of Austria. At the end of WWI (Austria having lost the war), this area was ceded to Italy. Mia was the second of eight children ( 5 boys and 3 girls). Her family spent time between her home in Kaltern and her maternal grandparents house in Trento. Initially home schooled by her aunt , then at the age of 11 Mia at was sent to boarding school in Germany. She was a bright child though always in trouble for her tomboy behaviour! When it was time for her to go to a senior school, she would have loved to study classics, however with little money and 3 boys to educate, it was decided she would be better off in a school studying home economics. She did well and throughout her life was an excellent cook and excellent seamstress! Things were not easy for her parents as her father was anti Mussolini, not a good thing in an area that Mussolini was determined should become fully Italian. Continue Reading »

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Feb 24 2015

Another Imperial Asset Shuttered Off

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Occupation Road

ICL Property shuttered off

We keep being fed that there is a demand for housing and yet Imperial College  have left three terraced houses in Olantigh Road standing empty for approximately 10 years. These could have been rented out providing ‘much needed homes’. Likewise the now dilapidated properties on the High Street. Perhaps with the elections coming up the Government could answer how this has been allowed to happen.

The house pictured above became vacant a few months ago and has this week had metal shutters fitted. Obviously it is  not going to be rented out in the near future. Left to decay like all the other buildings owned by Imperial College London. A terrible waste.

Ever since Imperial commissioned Gerald Eve, Chartered Surveyors back in 2002 to look at the ‘ planning potential of the Imperial College campus at Wye College’ the rot set in. IC Development Advice for Wye 2002.

Ever since that awful evening of the public meeting at Withersdane Hall Monday 9th January 2006 where the village was summoned and pompously told of Imperial’s plans for a Science Park at the cost of 5,000 houses stretching across all it’s farm land across to Brook, with  the added threat that if we didn’t go with these plans, Wye would become shuttered and boarded up.

Well  Imperial  kept that promise, didn’t they?  Our village has been shuttered and left to rot.

Their very expensive Master Plan (with gifts from the candy man such as swimming pools, the grade one building and a wild flower meadow) lies in moth balls on the desk of Ashford Borough Council.

Ever since all this negligence, Imperial’s reputation  lies in the mud with it.

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Feb 22 2015

The answer does lie in the soil

River Run

Footpath up to the Crown

The photograph above taken this morning reminds one of those early lessons at Primary School on how rivers start. The channel pictured was formed by the heavy rains running down off of the Wye Downs. The top soil has been washed away in parts exposing grit and sand.

Looking down from the top towards Wye and across the fields one can see how the land is flooded.

This is the International Year of the Soil.  BBC Farming today produced a most interesting programme last week on how  important it is that we look after our soil. The top 7cm of soil is the most important for the living organisms.  The programme suggests that there are only a hundred harvest left  unless research is done to preserve our soil. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qj8q 

Food for thought for Imperial?

 While we on the editorial staff of wyeweb were mulling over the effects of run-off we were reminded that, in an earlier episode of the struggle to retain the environmental quality of Wye, we supported a website that focussed entirely on sustainablity issues. One of the items concerned the value of the top layer of soil not just to Wye but to humanity. We have pleasure in making those items available as pdf files we should like to thank Professor John Reganold, the author and the Scientific American for giving us permission to make thse articles available.




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Feb 19 2015

Trevor Dry 1952 – 2015

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One of Wye’s former colourful characters Trevor Dry has died after a short battle with cancer. Trevor arrived in Wye in 1996 and opened the Fine Pine Furniture Shop in Bridge Street. He was one of those people that made everything seem possible and was a very good salesman. Red tape was something to cut through in his book. He soon became an active member of the Wye Business Association.

In 2,000 he had a complete change and became Landlord at the Kings Head. At the age of 50 Trevor took up hot rod racing at Dover using his car to promote the pub.

He raised a lot of money for charity holding quiz nights at the pub and once opened the pub on Christmas Day where he provided a free Christmas meal with drinks for the elderly.

It is Trevor who we have to thank for the our Christmas Street Party. He told the Wye Business Association that they used to have a Street Party at Pluckley where he was born. His words to the WBA were “I’ll show you how it’s done once and once only and then it’s up to you.” It’s been going ever since.

Another Christmas introduction from Trevor was mince pies and mulled wine to be offered free in all of our shops. It was indeed a Merry Christmas for our village that year!

Thank you Trevor for your inspiration.



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Feb 18 2015

Drones (Again)

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Last September we reported on drones flying over Wye Drone over Wye which happily turned out to be legal and legitimate . 2nd Wye Scouts to benefit from calendar sales Wyeweb has received the following communication from a concerned reader. On Wednesday morning 18th February,  I was vey excited by what I thought was the arrival of spring.  Unfortunately what I thought was the sound of a lawnmower was actually one of these flying drones (again). I was amazed to see this machine flying low over Church Street and stopped over the bank or the pub. I remember when we thought the village was under attack last year, we were reassured that that incident was someone making a calendar over the village and they responded that they are both qualified and fly within the laws. They mentioned that they kept the drone in sight of them when flying yet I could not see a pilot around when it looked like it was low enough to land beside the butchers. Again, I ask if this is legal or not and are the people (who I could not see) flying these radio controlled planes doing so within the law as I, like many, believe that this is potentially an accident waiting to happen.

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