Feb 07 2016

Open Reach trying to do their best for us

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Open Reach

On Friday No Parking bollards were placed in the vicinity of the Church Street and Bridge Street junction. Notices were delivered to the nearby houses requesting no cars to be parked in this area in order that Open Reach may carry out vital work early Sunday morning.

Three large vans transporting a team of men, together with a contract vehicle carrying traffic lights arrived this morning in order to carry out maintenance on the Broad Band cable. Frustrated, a decision was made by the gentleman in charge to abort the mission due to the fact that the bollards had been ignored and there were too many cars parked in the area.

The gentleman pictured said that this was the fifth or sixth time that this has happened.

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Feb 05 2016

Our Place

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Our Place

Dave Martin of Our Place has submitted the following response to Mike Adams Alternative View. 01/01/2016

I’ve had the benefit of speaking with Mike (and Rosemary) on a number of occasions as well as visiting the Monday Club before it closed last

I would wish to endorse much of what Mike writes; whilst it’s acknowledged that there are many activities and opportunities in the community and numerous everyday examples of neighbourliness, as Mike highlights, there are also gaps and more could be done to improve the lives of people in the community, particularly of some older citizens, if we worked better together.

That is the essence of what the Our Place: Wye programme is about.

To clarify a point the Our Place programme is now independent from the Parish Council which received funds from central Government last year.  That project was to explore whether the local community could influence or “bend” existing resources, whether this be Kent County Council, NHS or other funding programmes, to better meet the needs of Wye and for the community itself to be more in the driving seat.

We are now beginning with small steps to implement that vision of a more age-inclusive community that is more resilient and responsive to the needs, age and social profile of the Parish.
Dave Martin

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Feb 03 2016

Want to Save on Your Energy Bills?

Energy Advice

Wye has for many years had a leading group of people encouraging sustainability. So we had WyeCycle, The Farmers Market and Wye Community Farm, all local and noteworthy initiatives that have attracted national attention for their novelty and enthusiasm. WyeWeb is pleased to be able to publicize another initiative that has been taken up by Wye Community Farm. We have received the following notice from Danny Lenain:

“Wye Community Farm is proud to present a Big Energy Saving Network (BESN) Energy Cafe on Saturday 13th February 2016 to be held in the  Agricultural Museum, Brook. The BESN is an outreach initiative which aims to engage and empower individuals to make informed decisions on how to make their energy expenditure more affordable. Danny Lenain,  one of Wye Community Farm’s committee members is working as a BESN champion with Sustainability Connections a not for profit Community Interest Company. Sustainability Connections has received funding from Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to continue to develop the network. The advice I give is impartial and I do not  promote any particular fuel supplier or internet switching site, BESN is not selling a product, or out to make a profit, or to make consumers take action they are uncomfortable with. As a sweetener, I have a free energy monitor to give to all those who attend a BESN event! So bring your energy bills along with you and come at 10am or 11am for a small introductory talk followed by more individual advice if needed.

Danny Lenain”

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Feb 01 2016

Our Place – An Alternative View

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Mike's Monday Club 1 Mike's Monday Club 2 Mike's Monday Club 3

Mike's Monday Club 4 Mike's Monday Club 5 Mike's Monday Club 6

                                                      Mike’s Monday Club 

Dear Editor,

I would be most grateful if you would publish the following on your community website in response to the Our Place questionnaire delivered house to house today.

Together with my wife Rosemarie I started a club which became known as ‘Mike’s Monday Club’. This club was started with £1,200 finance from ourselves together with a £400 grant from our Parish Council.

Whilst there are various marvellous clubs and societies in our village, our club was just what was needed to fill a gap in our community. It was a club where the over 50’s could go and have a social day out at our Village Hall. It provided social activities together with a two course lunch for £2.50. It wasn’t long before we had 40 plus members. This is what I call getting the community together. However after four years we were finding we were getting no support from areas of the community that we needed it from including our Parish Council. Sadly the club had to close with regret.

What Our Place is planning to do in Wye is exactly what we were already doing. However we never had the backing that Our Place seems to have. Continue Reading »

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Jan 30 2016

Wye a Special Place

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Wye News From Opp Lights down c Jan 2016 Stained Glass Window Wye Church

Wife of Bath Mrs Hurn 100th Wye Corner

Church Street AM Dorothy's Farmers Market 4

How many times have we heard Wye described as a special place?

Yesterday we said a fond farewell to Wye resident Mabel Hurn aged 101.

Upon returning from the funeral to her current home now in London, a former neighbour was inspired immediately to write the following:

‘Wye life, how I miss thee. The place in the world where everybody knows your name and welcomes you home as if you never left’


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