May 01 2016

May hits Wye with Sunshine and Warmth

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Blossom Blossom 2 Blossom 3

Blossom 4 6a Blososm 6

After a long wet dreary winter, today the 1st of May brought us blossom and warmth.

All our friends looking in on Wye from warmer climates can stop feeling sorry for us!

Editor: Monday 2nd May. Whoops! We spoke too soon, its cold and wet today but then it is Bank Holiday Monday!



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Apr 30 2016

2016 Village Hall AGM Report – The Wye Centre Project

The following report has been submitted by David Reece

NewWye Centre Logo E01 10mm


A year ago we had the skeleton of the Wye Project in place. We had formed a team consisting partly of trustees, and partly of interested villagers, to define the project and put together some design options that the village could vote on. We created a brand and a logo, which is now firmly in the consciousness of the village. We had dates in the diary, but no real plans to back them up as yet. Continue Reading »

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Apr 30 2016

ADAS Vandals strike yet again

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Police on way to ADAS (3)

Police in pursuit along the edge of the old Hop Garden

Despite the fact that our Police Constable Support Officer has again been changed, only having been appointed last year.

Police were on the ADAS case yesterday evening. This old site is frequently being broken into.

Yesterday evening a squad car went to the main gate whilst another drove up Occupation Road only to be foiled by the locked gate.

The two Policemen wanted to get to the back of the premises, not easy if you do not have local knowledge. Fortunately there is always a dog walker on hand to guide them!

Is this a good use of Police resources now that it has become a regular occurrence?


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Apr 28 2016

Harbinger of Spring

Pyrausta Aurata Upper side

Pyrausta Aurata Upper side

Moth Wye 27 04 2016

Pyrausta Aurata Underside

Pyrausta aurata

A beautiful little moth – wing span about 1.5 cm on the window of a garage on a cold April Afternoon!.
It has bright purple with golden markings – the post median mark – here bright yellow spot, notice also the small gold blotch between the yellow spot and the edge of the wing.
On P. aurata the only consistent postmedian mark is a round golden blotch near the costa, but there is usually a small golden mark between it and the costa.

P. aurata has two generations the first in May /June and then July/August. Although it flies both during the day and at night, this one was resting in late afternoon

The larvae feed on mints, including spearmint and Apple mint, marjoram, Lemon balm , catmint. It is quite common but small so is not always seen, both larvae and adults occurring in gardens as well as wild habitats with the food plants.

Speaking of spring don’t forget Catha’s Seat Picnic this weekend. Nick Keegan writes:

Dear Catha’s Seat Supporters,
Just a quick reminder that the picnic is on Saturday 1-3pm. It’s looking a little chilly but we’ll be warmed by the live music sounds of Ashford Folk. 
Join one of our organised walks, cycles or the first ever run – details here – or plan your own way there on google maps
I am delighted to say, after two years of incubation, we will be launching the Catha’s Seat Cycling Awards at the picnic. We will be offering a total annual fund of £500 to applications from local groups, schools and individuals for equipment and expenses as part of projects to encourage safety and increased use of Route 18 between Ashford and Canterbury. Details and registration here – please spread the word. 
I’m also ecstatic that we have a fresh new website crafted by the fantastic Kit Blatt
Look forward to seeing you this weekend.


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Apr 27 2016

Election- Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

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Police and Crime Commissioners
Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.
The election for the new Kent Police and Crime Commissioner will take place next Thursday 5th May.
Wye residents may vote at the Village Hall from 07.00 – 22.00
Listed below are the candidates and a link to where you can find out more about them.
Henry Bolton – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
David Sandru Naghi – Liberal Democrat
Tristan John Osborne – Labour Party
Gurvinder Singh Sandher – Independent
Matthew Richard Scott – Conservative Party
Steve Uncles – English Democrats
Find out more about the candidates.

For more information:

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