Oct 22 2014

Neighbourhood Plan should protect Wye from excessive building

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There was an enthusiastic turn out for the Neighbourhood Plan Public Meeting despite the turbulent weather. The presentation of the draft Neighbourhood Plan was the culmination of  the various workshops and a lot of hard work. When it came to the question of numbers of houses, the Chairman of the Parish Council Tony Shoults, stated that housing numbers are very important and referred  to the fifty tick campaign. He described it as a very ‘powerful campaign’ which  had been greatly valued by many. However,  he explained  the number of houses that they were presenting would be seventy and added that he was not going to argue over twenty houses. Continue Reading »

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Oct 22 2014

Whats in a Promise?


Following the signing of a lease between Imperial and Promis in April 2014, Promis who operate small, exclusive private rehabilitation centres are currently working on Withersdane. Large bags of aggregate and sand have been spotted being delivered and also the arrival of a painter’s and decorater’s van.

At the Promis drop in day back in June, representatives of Promis mentioned they favoured local employment.

In fact they were already receiving job applications at this time and so created a ‘job’ page on their website www.withersdane.com where it states ‘We have always preferred to employ staff from the local community wherever we have been.’ It also states ‘We have a lot of work to do both to bring the buildings back to their previous good condition but also to make improvements. We would prefer to use local tradesmen and staff as they will continue to be available.

Withersdane already has inspirational ground staff who we shall ask to work with us for as much time as they can give us. I’m sure they will also appreciate some extra support though.’

Editor: On the strength of this we do hope that some local people will soon be able to find employment at Promis.

(Promis was supported by MP Damian Green http://www.wyeweb.org/?s=Damian+Green)

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Oct 22 2014

Wye Community Farm receives national award

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enterprise trophy 2014 resize

Wye Community Farm has received a national award in recognition of its work to engage the local community in food and farming.

Each year the British White Cattle Society awards its Enterprise Trophy to the herd that has done the most to promote the breed. The 2014 prize was presented to WCF for the ways in which the Wye Crown herd plays a role in providing volunteering and training opportunities for a diverse range of local people.

Youngsters working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award and offenders completing their Community Payback work with the cattle to learn skills such as halter training and to gain a greater understanding of where their food comes from. The Wye Crown herd of British Whites spend much of the year on the Wye National Nature Reserve, where their grazing plays a central role in maintaining the rare chalk grassland.



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Oct 22 2014

Plenty of space in our FREE car Park

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John Mansfiled Car Park 1a

Saturday 18th October  9am

John Mansfield Car Park 2b

Still places available 10.45am .

Parish Councillor John Mansfield submitted these photographs taken last Saturday morning and asks why don’t people make more use our Free car park?

Saturday was a busy morning with The Farmers Market and a coffee morning which was held in the Parish Church. Both bringing plenty of visitors to Wye and yet there were spare spaces in our car park which is often the case.

Rather than drive around Wye looking for a space in the road to park, may we encourage visitors to use our car park which is situated near the Co Op in Churchfield Way with an official Car park sign on The Green pointing opposite. Post Code TN25 5BP.

Wye is a great place to visit and what makes it greater is we have a FREE car park!

Editor: Incidentally the Coffee Morning held by the Friends of the Church raised £600 in two hours! Congratulations to them.

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Oct 16 2014

Your village needs you

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The 50 tick campaign came out of democratic will. It is what the huge majority of our community have said is acceptable in response to our Parish Council asking us in the questionnaire.

With the additional houses on Wye1 and Wye2 and no more than 50 elsewhere, Wye would be making a fair contribution to solving the housing shortage up to 2030.



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