A Faithful Wye College Student Drops In

Dr John Webb,
John Webb PhD FRSB , Toronto, Canada

We know that wyeweb has an international audience, not all of them communicate with us but, from time to time, chance plays a part and what might be casual becomes important. So a short time ago because of our contact details an ex-Wye College student, Dr. John Webb, asked us to put him in contact with The Agricola Club, which, of course,  we did. John followed this by sending us his personal recollections of Wye and the College when he was here. He also revealed how important his education at Wye was to him as his career progressed. We will let John speak for himself but before that we will emphasize that John became an internationally renowned specialist in pigs which readers will recollect centred around the Pig Research Centre along Amage Road and now, sadly, a sight of neglect and decay (thank you Imperial College).

“I walked in to the Porter’s Lodge at the College in October 1967 to sign on for my three-year BSc. in animal production.  At that time the College was already part of London University, and had adopted the University’s mix and match course unit system giving undergraduates a very wide a la carte choice of courses that I believe was unequaled anywhere in the world.  I lived one year in the old college building, one year at Withersdane, and one year in a rented flat.  The walled gardens and lawns at Withersdane were beautiful and unforgettable. 
Some vacations I worked at the College pig research unit on Amage road.  At those times I lodged with Mrs Brenchley in her bungalow “Brenchley’s Piece” on Olantigh Road.  One of the pig unit staff, John Morgan, was a well known village character riding his full-sized tricycle around the streets. Continue reading A Faithful Wye College Student Drops In

EU trade negotiations – trade flows of livestock products and arable crops

Wye, despite the disgraceful closure of Wye College, is still at the heart of a highly active farming community. Our interests in the future of our local farms and of the importance of all that springs from the good earth means that we must engage in the discussions for Brexit.

Source:   EU trade negotiations – trade flows of livestock products

EU trade flows of arable crops

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