Oct 31 2014

Kings Head support animal rescue

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kh cheque 5 (a)

The Kings Head  Wye recently celebrated their first birthday after having been given a major facelift by new owners Mark Lightford and Scott Richardson.  Always looking at ways to support local people and businesses, the Kings Head Team thought it was important to use the extra footfall during the weekend celebrations to drive awareness, and raise much needed funds for a good cause.  Continue Reading »

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Oct 30 2014

Does the Neighbourhood Plan pass the democracy test ?

Following the Public Meeting held 21st October, whereby Parishioners were updated on the Neighbourhood Plan.

Wyeweb wrote a report of this meeting and acknowledged all the hard work that had gone into this draft document.

However at the risk of being irritating, we feel we must report on feedback that we have gleaned a week later.

It is generally felt by some that the majority vote for no more than 50 houses has been brushed aside.

It could be wrongly assumed by Parishioners that the draft of the Neighbourhood Plan has been voted on by the whole Parish Council before it is submitted to ABC. Does it therefore represent the views of the whole Parish Council? Continue Reading »

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Oct 29 2014

Football memories

Fred's  Football Pic 1 Fred's Football Pic 2

It’s always interesting when someone has a turn out.  Old photographs often come our way when their owners think that other people appearing in them may enjoy remembering days gone by living in Wye.

We are grateful to Carl (Fred) Smith who lent these pictures to us a while back. Some of the lads pictured here have grown up and still live in Wye with grown up children of their own.

Carl is pictured in the first photograph bottom row left and centre in the first row in the second picture. We think we can recognise Hagan White and Sean Ledner.  Can anyone identify the other football players?

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Oct 27 2014

Memo to Imperial College

 Main entrance to Wye College

The following was reported in various National Newspapers last week:

University standards are slipping due to a ‘rack ‘em  pack’em and stack ‘em’ culture which has seen rising numbers of students squeezed into lecture halls, staff claim.

Academics say institutions are admitting more undergraduates that they can cope with and handing out too many top grades to satisfy ‘money – obsessed senior staff.

Almost a third believe the quality of degree courses is being ‘compromised’ due to soaring numbers of students.

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Oct 22 2014

Neighbourhood Plan should protect Wye from excessive building

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There was an enthusiastic turn out for the Neighbourhood Plan Public Meeting despite the turbulent weather. The presentation of the draft Neighbourhood Plan was the culmination of  the various workshops and a lot of hard work. When it came to the question of numbers of houses, the Chairman of the Parish Council Tony Shoults, stated that housing numbers are very important and referred  to the fifty tick campaign. He described it as a very ‘powerful campaign’ which  had been greatly valued by many. However,  he explained  the number of houses that they were presenting would be seventy and added that he was not going to argue over twenty houses. Continue Reading »

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