Apr 16 2014

A walk on the wild side

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Cow slips 1jpg Wye's wildness Bluebells

For those who have not been able to get out and experience the woodlands of Wye, and those looking in from parts of the world where it is winter. Let Wyeweb bring you a taste of what’s going on here at the moment.

Walking through the woods there are glorious shafts of sunlight streaming through the trees. Plenty of wild flowers, some hiding but there if you look. The Primroses have been out for a while but are still visible together with an abundance of violets. Cowslips have suddenly appeared accompanied by Wild Strawberry flowers.  Patches of Bluebells appear at random locations.

New Leaves Wild Strawberries Tall Trees

Cowslips 2 Violets Leaves

It  pays to look up and see the bright green at the tops of the extremely tall Beech trees lit by the sun. Fresh new leaves on the trees become opaque in the light. What a difference the sun makes!



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Apr 15 2014

Student seeks accommodation

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  Accommodation for  MSc Student

Wyebugs have an MSc student from Harper Adams University doing a project at Wye from early May to late July/early August who is looking for accommodation in Wye.

She does not have her own transport so needs to be within walking distance of the College campus. Although she requires her own room she is willing to share other facilities.

Do you have a spare room you could offer her for the duration of her visit?

 If so please contact Mike Copland: 07754 069139

or 01233 813130 (daytime) 01233 812187 (evenings)

Email: m.copland @wyebugs.co.uk or m.copland@tesco.net

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Apr 15 2014

Tabby grey cat mystery leads to Wye

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Have you seen me ?


The male neutered tabby grey cat pictured here went missing from it’s home in Ramsgate two years ago. His family miss him terribly and continue to search for him.

He wore a tag which identifies the fact that he is Micro chipped. Mysteriously his tag has turned up in Little Chequers Wye and was found by Mike Adams. This means either he was in Wye, or someone who had dealings with him  was in Wye or indeed he could still be here!

Some kind hearted person may simply have given this tabby a home, or be feeding him. How did his tag get from Ramsgate to Wye? If anyone has any information  please contact 07843156855.

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Apr 14 2014

Wye Sponsored Ride

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Olantigh 3 Olantigh 4

Olantigh 2 Olantigh Ride 1

Yesterday saw the annual invasion of horseboxes heading through our village on their way to Olantigh Park for the East Kent sponsored ride.

Attracting 600 entrants each year and in its 37th year, The East Kent Ride is one of the country’s largest and most popular sponsored rides.

Following a 10 mile cross-country course across some of the area’s most striking  countryside, with a range of approximately 18 optional fences, the event offers an exceptional ride for all abilities, from the most tentative to the most adventurous. At each fence there is an option between a two foot or three foot jump, in addition to five bonus jumps at various sites around the course, which are more challenging and possibly larger.

Not distracting from the fun and enjoyment of the event, The East Kent Ride is a sponsored event with the aim of raising money for charity and has so far raised in excess of £200,000 since its conception.

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Apr 11 2014

Dates for your diary

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Duck Race 1 Duck Race 2 Duck Race 3

Summer Fair 1 Summer Fair 2 Summer Fair 3

The Wye Jubilee Community Group have two events coming up this summer.

Duck Race The annual Duck Race will be held on Sunday 20th July on the River Stour down at The Tickled Trout, first race  starting at 4pm. Duck bets will be taken at both the Tickled Trout and Ticketyboo later on in May. (Date to be announced.) Funds raised will be for the Pilgrim’s Hospice.

Summer Fair The Wye Summer Fair will be held on The Green Churchfield Way, Sunday 24th August 1pm – 4pm , village clubs and societies will be invited to run a stall. Any local person wishing to have a pitch can do so at £10 per pitch . Bookings taken at Ticketyboo. Beneficiaries from the event will be Wye Ground Force and The Royal Life Boat Association.

Enquiries : Nick Williams Chairman WJCG  Tel: 07912056447 Peter & Ann Sutherland Ticketyboo 812 671





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