Jan 30 2015

Neighbourhood Plan Goes Live


Parish Councillor John Mansfield has submitted the following Neighbourhood Plan news:

Pleased to say that the Neighbourhood Plan has now been compiled and will be sent out as a Pre-submission consultation document. It is all on the website

The preamble on the PC website reads: Progress with the Wye with Hinxhill Neighbourhood Development Plan (WNP) has at last reached the stage when we start the formal consultation process. The pre-submission consultation draft and all of the numerous appendices and background documents that support the policies are now available from links on the PC website. All of these documents have been sent out to a wide range of consultees including statutory bodies such as Natural England. The next step is for the consultees and all parishioners to respond with comments on the plan. An on-line response form is available. The consultation period ends on March 13th 2015.

Printed copies of the WNP will be available in the Churches in Wye and the libraries in Wye and Ashford. A short version of the plan – the Guide -will be sent out by our resilient patchworkers in the next few days. The PC needs your response so that it will be possible to make any revisions to the plan required before the next phase of the process. The revised plan will then be sent to ABC for their own consultation process and they may suggest more changes before the plan goes for formal examination –still some way to go! The referendum on the plan should be held in the autumn but the general election may cause some delays.

It should be remembered that neighbourhood plans are planning policy documents and must show how sustainable development will be achieved. The PC believes that, with your help, we have achieved the right balance of mixed development (education, business and housing) for Wye and the surrounding parish. The plan comprises sections describing the parish and highlighting the need to protect our environment and heritage. Core policies cover our six key objectives.

Protection of the village of Wye’s sense of place within the parish and its surrounding countryside
Protection of Wye’s conservation area and architectural heritage
Protection against the impacts of increased traffic
The promotion of business activity
Integration of new affordable and general needs housing within mixed developments

To achieve the mixed re-development of WYE3

Potential sites for development have been assessed and detailed site policies prepared for WYE3 (the Old College campus) and Naccolt. The plan also covers WYE1 and WYE2 that were allocated for building by ABC.

Finally we have included general policies dealing with the remaining important issues;

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  • <!–[if !supportLists]–> <!–[endif]–>Countryside and environment
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  • <!–[if !supportLists]–> <!–[endif]–>Traffic and transport policies

Please read the plan and other documents carefully and give the Parish Council your feedback. We need to revise the plan so that it will be accepted as the planning policy document for the parish until 2030.

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Jan 29 2015

Spring is on it’s way in Wye

Country Weddingjpg (2)

Country Wedding

Today Wye is experiencing a bright sunny frosty day. A walk up both Scotton Street and Cherry Garden Lane reveal frantic pollarding of the boundary trees surrounding Brice’s Field. In some cases the uprooting of some trees and complete removal of the central wind breakers. We hope this is simply for safety reasons due to the fact these trees have been neglected for such a long time and not for more sinister reasons. Perhaps it would be helpful for Imperial or our Parish Council to reassure the village. Rumours and theories are in circulation. We do hope of course it is simply catching up with a job that always used to be done on a regular basis by Wye Agricultural College and that we can once again look forward to crops growing here!

 Meanwhile whilst the footpaths across our countryside are still very muddy there are signs of spring around us. Snow drops are abundant in both the Church yard and College gardens. Tubs of daffodils bloom outside Wye Surgery and bulbs are  pushing up in our gardens. A time to look forward to lambs in the fields and a spring wedding perhaps?

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Jan 27 2015

Wye Fire Brigade a 100 year History

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Wye Fire Brigade Circa 1910 Cropped

Wye Fire Brigade Circa 1910

A request from Wye Fire Fighter Nick Williams:

Hi everyone,

I have written a book on the centenary of the Wye Fire Brigade.  I’m hoping to get it published in April/May time and will donate  all profits from it’s sale  to the Fire Fighter’s Charity.

It would be helpful to find out how many people would be interested in buying one.

The book will either be A5 or A4 reproduced in black and white with lots of pictures and a fair amount of copy. I have spent many hours researching through the Fire Brigade’s records of events relating to Wye.

The cost will be between £10/£12 depending on size.

If anyone would like to purchase one  please let me know.
Many thanks ,

My Mobile number is 07912056447

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Jan 25 2015

Spinning, knitting and absconding fathers

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Professor Bryan Keith- Lucas

Living in a historical village such as Wye, one’s thoughts are naturally drawn to times and people from it’s past. It’s houses have been home to many a person from days gone by.

Strolling past number seven Church Street, Professor Bryan Keith – Lucas came to mind. This was the home he shared with his wife Mary for twelve years. He died in 1996 but not before he produced an extremely interesting book about Wye in the 18th Century.

A Sunday afternoon stroll led to searching out this book from the book shelf and together with a welcome cup of tea rediscovering it’s contents.

Brian was the nephew of Ernest Hubbard who wrote The Old Book of Wye a history of our village in the 17th Century, in 1951. (A copy of this book is available from Wye Library.)

Brian’s book involved hundreds of hours of painstaking research through volumes of hand-written parish records. This includes volumes of Wye’s poor books, vestry books and Church articles.

Among the regular difficulties facing Wye in the 18th century was to ensure that fathers did not leave their families, making them a burden to the village. The book explains how the vestry meeting decided to advertise for the return of one particular father in a local newspaper.

Whereas William Scrimms, alias Buck, labourer, did some time ago run away from his family, he is about five feet six inches high and of a fair complexion and about 48 years of age.

If he will return again immediately or within 14 days from the date above he will be forgiven, otherwise whoever will apprehend him and bring him to the Parish Officers of Wye shall receive One Guinea reward.”

The records also show that, in an attempt to create employment and balance the books, the vestry agreed to borrow £100 to buy wool and the equipment needed to set up a spinning and knitting business.

No matter how well intentioned, the project failed because it cost more to operate than it could generate.

Not sure if dragging absconding fathers back would work today, but we are aware that our Neighbourhood Plan has been looking at ways of creating employment. We learn from the media that knitting is enjoying a revival, creating a demand for wool. Should our Parish Council be promoting a demand for more sheep in Wye perhaps?




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Jan 21 2015

Our Place Wye Programme

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The Our Place Wye programme is to set up a social care co-operative. Our Place  have been working closely with Kent County Council  “to submit a bid to the Department of Communities and Local Government under the delivering differently in neighbourhoods programme. This would be looking to support the development of social care coops in  Wye and Newington Ramsgate, “to work out what top down changes are needed to facilitate such a locally accountable model, and whether it makes sense to roll this out more widely.” The funding is £90,000 for one year starting in April 2015. The bid was shortlisted and interviews took place on 8th January. Our Place were informed yesterday that this bid has been successful and will commence in April, further details will be forthcoming in due course.

For further info contact Dave@davemartin.org.uk

The draft operational plan for Our Place Wye must be submitted to Locality by February 20. Before this date the parish council will have to approve the eight projects within the plan and decide whether to employ a part-time project officer.

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